Surgical Critical Care

BASS Medical Group’s Surgical Critical Care specialists have the advanced training and experience required to care for patients with acute, potentially life-threatening conditions necessitating surgery or arising after surgery. In truth, we hope you never need to interact with them but if you do, know that you’ll be in the finest of hands.

Similar to our Critical Care Medicine specialists, Surgical Critical Care specialists provide close care and monitoring for severely ill patients. But, their perspective on the task is slightly different because they bring a strong focus on surgical aspects – before, during and after severe illness. Indeed, BASS Medical Surgical Critical Care specialists have expertise in disease and trauma, surgical interventions, post-surgical recovery, and the unique challenges presented by injury due to burns, trauma, infections, and more.

The Role of a Surgical Critical Care Specialist

Surgical Critical Care specialists care for critically ill surgical patients in emergency departments, operating rooms, and intensive care units and treat patients of all ages across a number of disciplines including general surgery, orthopedics, vascular surgery, gynecology-obstetrics, transplants, and urology.

With their teams, Surgical Critical Care Specialists provide careful monitoring of patients whose conditions are unstable and unpredictable. Teams include critical care nurses, pharmacists, nutritionists, social workers, physiotherapists, respiratory therapists, chaplains, and others.

Members of these teams are there to help loved ones and families as well as the patients themselves. For more information, visit our Critical Care Medicine specialist page, too, as there are many similarities in how these two departments function.

Surgical Critical Care Services

After surgery, Surgical Critical Care specialists are there to help the most at-risk patients receive the care they need to, hopefully, recover from their significant medical issues. This care may include heart monitors, ventilators and other interventions to support or stabilize blood pressure, breathing, kidney function, and heart rhythm. Additional interventions may aid organs that are not otherwise functioning properly.

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