Personalized Cancer Care

At BASS Cancer Center, we provide advanced, personalized cancer care designed just for you. Our dedicated team uses the latest technologies and treatments to ensure you receive the highest quality care possible.

We know every patient's journey is unique. That's why we're here with compassionate support every step of the way. From diagnosis to treatment and beyond, we help you navigate your cancer journey with confidence and hope.

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Accurate and timely cancer diagnosis

Our state-of-the-art diagnostic tools ensure precise and timely identification of cancer, paving the way for the most effective treatment plans. We use advanced imaging technologies, genetic testing, and comprehensive lab analyses to diagnose various types of cancer with exceptional accuracy. Your journey towards recovery begins with an accurate diagnosis at BASS Cancer Center.

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Advanced treatment technologies

We use cutting-edge technologies to offer innovative treatment options perfectly tailored to your needs.



Our stereotactic MRI-guided adaptive radiotherapy provides precise and adaptive treatment.

In over eight years of clinical use, MRIdian has treated more than 18,000 patients and is now available at BASS Cancer Center. MRIdian’s ability to see and track soft tissue and tumors in real time enables precise and personalized cancer treatment, reducing the risks associated with high magnetic fields in radiotherapy.

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Our advanced surface tracking platform enhances treatment accuracy and safety.

SimRT™ is a surface tracking platform that uses a 3D camera to monitor patients in real-time, improving workflow efficiency and comfort. Its ceiling-mounted camera offers non-invasive motion monitoring, and a real-time coaching display gives easy-to-understand feedback for optimal breath-hold levels during evaluations.

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Now we can more precisely target gynecologic tumors while improving safety through the simplicity of our Flexitron technology.

BASS Cancer Center now offers HDR brachytherapy, an advanced internal radiation therapy that targets gynecologic tumors with high doses while protecting healthy tissues. Now we can precisely deliver radiation directly to the tumor, ensuring effective treatment with minimal impact on surrounding healthy tissue.

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AlignRT sets a new standard in radiation treatment with advanced precision.

AlignRT ensures precise radiation treatment without the need for permanent tattoos or extra radiation exposure. It uses special light to create virtual tattoos on your skin, making real-time 3D models for accurate setup and monitoring. Trusted by 9 out of the top 10 cancer hospitals according to US News & World Report, AlignRT® offers a comfortable and precise treatment experience.

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Versa HD

Experience the advantages of high-definition dynamic radiosurgery with Versa HD.

Versa HD's advanced technology allows BASS to treat smaller, previously untreatable tumors with precise, high-definition radiosurgery. This means we can deliver higher doses with exceptional accuracy, providing cutting-edge treatment options for our patients.

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Biograph 6 PET/CT

Our Biograph 6 PET/CT scanner offers highly accurate diagnostic capabilities.

The Siemens Biograph 6 PET/CT scanner at BASS Cancer Center is transforming how we detect and treat cancer. Its design focuses on patient comfort with a spacious opening and short tunnel. This advanced scanner provides clear, detailed images, helping our medical team see even the smallest details. It's a powerful tool in the fight against cancer, offering hope and reassurance to our patients.

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Comprehensive, compassionate patient support

We know that true care goes beyond just medical treatment. That's why our comprehensive patient support services are here to help with your emotional, financial, and educational needs. We're dedicated to being with you and your family every step of the way, providing the support and information you need throughout your cancer journey.

A survivor's story

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Breast Cancer Threatened Her Life, But It Didn't Win

Adina, a mother of two and a dedicated real estate agent faced a life-altering breast cancer diagnosis. The initial shock and fear were overwhelming, but Adina found strength in her family and the unwavering support of Dr. Swapna Ghanta. With Dr. Ghanta's compassionate and thorough approach, Adina chose to undergo a lumpectomy, feeling confident in her treatment plan.

Adina's resilience and positive outlook have been her guiding light throughout her journey. Today, she is in remission, a powerful testament to the strength of determination and the comprehensive care she received at BASS Cancer Center. Adina's story continues to inspire us all, showing that with the proper support, hope, and courage, cancer can be beaten.

Adina, Cancer Patient & Survivor
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The experts behind your care

Our highly skilled doctors are dedicated to delivering the best possible care with expertise and compassion. Each patient receives personalized attention and treatment from professionals who genuinely care about their health and well-being. You’re always in good hands with Bass Medical Group.

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