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The BASS Management Service Organization supports you and your private practice, so you can stay focused on what matters most, your patients.
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Doctor Testimonials

Shreya Khatri

"I chose to partner with BASS because it allows me the autonomy to offer the best care to my patients. BASS also has a great network of specialists that gives me the ability to refer my patients to the best specialists in the area."

Dr. Shreya Khatri
Brentwood Primary Care

"BASS was created to support the independent practice of medicine in a very competitive world of corporatized medicine. I've always felt that maintaining independence allows the physician to place the patients health first and keep their patients as the priority."

Dr. Michael deBoisblanc
General Surgeon & Founder

"I partner with BASS because they provide me with state-of-the-art facilities, equipment, and independence I need to provide the best possible care to my patients."

Dr. Eman Elmi
Diablo Foot & Ankle

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