Travel Tips and Travel Medicine

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June 22, 2017
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Travel Tips and Travel Medicine

Easy Ways to Stay Healthy on Your Next Vacation

Summer is almost here and as the weather heats up, more and more of you will be heading off on vacations. Packing essentials like sunscreen, bug spray, and toiletries are a no-brainer, but have you thought about visiting a doctor before you leave? Whether you are going on a tropical getaway, an overseas adventure, or a mountain expedition, our doctors have the expertise and knowledge to make sure your family’s trip is a safe and healthy one.

If you are visiting another country and have travel concerns, our family physicians are here to answer your questions and ease your mind. Vacations and trips are supposed to be enjoyable and relaxing, and an easy way to avoid worrying about your family’s health is by paying a family physician a visit before you leave. They can give you customized tips and tricks to make sure every member of your family stays as healthy as possible during your travels, as well as make sure you get the right immunizations, antibiotics, and malaria medications if necessary. Some offices even offer same day appointments to accommodate your last-minute needs.

Check out the bottom of this post to see the qualified family physicians of BASS Medical Group. Then, find the one closest to you and schedule an appointment before your next trip. In the meantime, here are some simple, easy tips to stay healthy while traveling.


Make sure to get enough sleep every night. Plane rides, jet lag, and vacation excitement can be draining; try to get enough shut-eye so you can to stay healthy for the duration of your trip.

Stay hydrated

Carry a reusable water bottle and fill it up as often as possible. If you’re in a place where tap water is not safe to drink, make sure to stock up on enough bottled water so that everyone you are traveling with gets enough each day.

Wash your hands

While this is something you should be doing regularly, airports, planes, and trains are places where it’s easy to pick up a bug. When you’re traveling or on vacation, make sure to double-up on hand washing to protect yourself.

Carry hand sanitizer

While this shouldn’t replace regular hand washing, carrying hand sanitizer is an easy and convenient way to keep your hands clean while you’re on the go. Some places you end up won’t have sinks or clean water, so make sure to carry enough in your bag so that every member of the family can use some a few times a day, especially before meals.

Rest if you aren’t feeling well

It might be tough to miss out on sightseeing or a day at the beach, but resting when you don’t feel well is important, even on vacation. One day of rest can be worth it if it means you have the energy to continue with the remainder of your trip.

Eat healthily

Indulging is often the best part of a relaxing, carefree vacation. Definitely enjoy your time away from home, but make sure to get enough vitamins and nutrients from food to help sustain your immune system.

Wear sunscreen

Nothing can ruin a vacation like a really bad sunburn. Not only can it sideline you from the fun, but sunburns are extremely damaging for your skin. Applying SPF before you leave your hotel room or Airbnb, and then a few more times throughout the day, is an easy way to avoid the pain and trouble of a bad sunburn.

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