Administrative Professionals Day

March 22, 2017
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Administrative Professionals Day

April 26, 2017 marks Administrative Professionals Day. BASS Medical Group's office managers would like to highlight some of the talented and dedicated individuals that make up our administrative team. Without these individuals, we wouldn’t be the company that we are. Please take a moment and meet some of these individuals. Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

Name of Administrative Staff: Sue Capella

Title: Medical Assistant

Division of BASS Medical Group: Gastroenterology

I am recognizing Sue as she genuinely cares for the patients. She is naturally both empathetic and sympathetic of their needs. This cannot be taught; this is heartfelt.

Name of Administrative Staff: Niki Por Thao Jue

Title: Medical Assistant

Which Division of BASS Medical Group: Gastroenterology

Niki goes above and beyond the call of duty, often taking on tasks without being asked with one goal in mind and that is to get the job done. She is a valuable member of our team and her efforts do not go unnoticed.

Name of Administrative Staff: Lisa Cheung

Title:  Supervisor

Division of BASS Medical Group: Neurology

She is one of the hardest working people I have ever worked with. Always present, always on time, CARES  about her work, goes the extra mile with her tasks, patients, has a heart of GOLD! I only wish there were more people like her.

In 2010 Lisa moved out to California from New York where she was born and raised leaving behind the freezing winters for warmer days. Neurology Medical Group was her first interview.  She had worked in Cardiology and was very familiar with patient care and customer service.  She was hired as an administrative assistant and excelled in all aspects of her job. Years later, her work ethic and dedication earned her a supervisory position. She is open to learning something new every day and for this reason I nominate her.

Name of Administrative Staff: Reuyan Lee

Title:  Medical records /IT

Division of BASS Medical Group:  Bay Area Colon and Rectal Surgeons

Lee is our Medical Records/ IT guy. He is always available when we need him and willing to help with anything he can…

His personal commitment is obvious in everything he does. We recognize and appreciate his dedicated effort.

Lee has been working with the company for 11 years and 3 months. He started as a part-time employee and moved into a full-time position for the Medical Records and IT department.

Name of Administrative Staff: Lacey Richmond

Title: Operations Manager

Division of BASS Medical Group: Blackhawk Medical Group

Lacey has been with BMG for 12 years. Her loyalty and dedication to BMG is inspiring to every new employee as she orients them to BMG!

Name of Administrative Staff: Kriston Cesna

Title: Accounts Payable Specialist

Division of BASS Medical Group: BASS MSO

I would like to recognize Kriston Cesna. Kriston is an invaluable asset to the Accounts Payable department. She is an efficient and diligent worker who is never afraid to take on additional work for the good of the department and company. Her dedication to being a productive and effective employee is truly appreciated. Our AP team is happy to have such a pleasant and amazing employee like Kriston.

Name of Administrative Staff: Diana Rodriguez

Title: Office Manager

Division of BASS Medical Group: Dr. Maureen Obiora – PCP

I would like to highlight Diana Rodriguez from my office. She is the current Office Manager. She stepped up to the role and is in charge of the daily running of the practice as well as the training of new MA, with a new MA extern in the office and a nurse practitioner in training. She has dealt with clinical, billing, and administrative issues while pregnant with her first baby. She is a real trooper. We also want to congratulate her on the birth of her new born baby boy.

Name of Administrative Staff: Rosa Calderon

Title: Manometry Technician

Division of BASS Medical Group: Bay Area Surgical Specialists

I would like to highlight Rosa Calderon.  She has been with BASS since 2010 and has worked as the Thoracic Surgery scheduler, a MA and has recently become a licensed LVN.  Currently she works as our Manometry Technician in our WC office performing Manometry and PH Studies and her patients lover her!

Name Administrative Staff: Amanda Persaud

Title: Call Center Lead

Division of BASS Medical Group: Call Room – Lennon Lane

Amanda has been the lead to take over website inquiries regarding scheduling appointments.  We get so many inquiries about all different types of problems or appointments and Amanda has never thought twice about going above and beyond answering these patients’ questions. She will get the patient in the right direction even when the patient is not directly related to the office she works in. Great work in going outside of your core responsibilities.

Name of Administrative Staff: Clarissa Lacson

Title: Administrator – Systems and Implementation

Which Division of BASS Medical Group: MSO

She is responsible for Epic Implementation, Meaningful Use, PQRS and serves as EPIC Support Coordinator for more than 130 Providers in our company. She goes beyond what’s required of her to serve our doctors’ & staffs' Epic needs & resolve all issues efficiently.

Clarissa has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Communications Engineering, 17 years of experience in Healthcare (Cardiology) as Practice Manager and more than 7 years of experience in Muir IPA – as an Implementation Specialist. Over her last 3 years at BASS, she was responsible for the Epic Implementation for more than 100 doctors and providers.

Name of Administrative Staff: Sylvia Goldeen

Title: Surgery Coordinator

Division of BASS Medical Group: Dr. Brian Hopkins Urology

Sylvia has worked with me for the past 10 years, and joined my practice at Bass when I started in January 2016.  She is an invaluable asset to me and my staff, adjusting daily to the ever-changing needs we have encountered in starting a new practice.  Our small practice relies on Sylvia to handle all surgery scheduling, pre-authorizations, insurance inquiries, office scheduling, and more.  We truly could not run our practice without her.  She handles every aspect of her responsibilities with passion, dedication and attention to detail.  She truly cares about our patients and our staff.  Her positive, can-do attitude inspires others, and I know I can always rely on her to keep my office running smoothly.

Name of Administrative Staff: Heather DeCarsky

Title: Office Manager

Division of BASS Medical Group: Dr. Lisa Hudson - PCP

I would like to highlight Heather DeCarsky- my office manager. Heather goes the extra mile to extend great customer care to our patients. She is friendly, knowledgeable, and caring- and uses that to the full benefit of each patient! She can often be heard laughing while rooming patients (when she does back office duty) - helping them feel more relaxed and at home in my office. She plays a very important role at Danville Sports Medicine and Primary Care- I could not do it without her!

Name of Administrative Staff:Rachel Rehberg

Title: Front Office Coordinator

Division of BASS Medical Group: Dr. Anderson Rowe - GI

Rachel has a great knowledge of GI and a genuine caring for our patients.  She goes out of her way to help our patients and provides great customer service to all.