7 Reasons You Might Have Sore Nipples

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March 15, 2023
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7 Reasons You Might Have Sore Nipples

Being a woman comes with distinct body ailments. From menstrual cramping to childbirth, the list of aches and discomfort women experience can sometimes seem endless. Ranging from mildly irritating to terribly uncomfortable, sore nipples are a common problem for many women. 

As long as the skin isn’t visibly damaged and there is no unusual discharge, sore nipples are not much cause for concern. In worst case scenarios, sore nipples might keep you from your normal daily activities. If you are experiencing pain that brings you that much discomfort, you should consult your physician or gynecologist. 

Why Are My Nipples Sore? The Number One Reason.

Nipples are a top erogenous zone on a woman’s body, making them highly sensitive. Sometimes just accidentally bumping them against an object too hard will cause intense pain. For many women, there’s a fine line between nipple pain and eroticism. If you haven’t intentionally stroked, pinched, or otherwise manipulated your nipples, there are several other reasons why nipples can become sore. 

Breastfeeding is arguably the most common source of sore nipples in women. Breastfeeding a baby for extended periods of time can cause swelling, tenderness, chafing and even scabbing. However, if your nipple pain is not from breastfeeding there are other causes you should be aware of. 

So Why Are My Nipples Sore To Touch?

There are a number of reasons why a woman might experience sore nipples. Here are a few.

  • Nipple infection — Just like in your underarms and pubic area, there are pores and hair follicles surrounding the nipple. These can become clogged and infected. Though commonly categorized as a yeast infection, this particular soreness can also derive from other sources. Damaged or cracked nipples, previous vaginal yeast infections, a warm and humid climate, or wearing dirty or non-breathable bras are common causes. Additionally, not drying your breasts well after showering, and excessive sweating can cause moisture buildup and infection. 
  • Jogger’s nipple — Long distance runners know that increased mileage can result in sore nipples. Chafing and irritation from workout clothes often go hand in hand with training for endurance events. If you experience sore nipples from running, you might want to consider a better fitting sports bra, a bandage, or an adhesive to cover your nipples while exercising.
  • Hormonal changes — Nipple soreness or tenderness can be a telltale sign of pregnancy. Some women may also experience tenderness in their nipples and breasts before or during their menstrual cycle. 
  • Allergic reaction — Sometimes, the introduction of a new lotion, soap, fragrance or laundry detergent can bring on an allergic reaction resulting in nipple soreness. Check your grocery list. Has anything new been added lately?
  • New medication — Drugs have a variety of side effects. It’s possible that a new medication could be causing your nipple pain.
  • Eczema — This medical condition causes dry, itchy, and inflamed skin. If you have had eczema in the past, it’s possible it’s now a source of your sore nipples. 

Overly Sore or Persistently Sore Nipples

If you are experiencing pain in your nipples that is severe or persistent you should consult with a medical professional. Though uncommon, sore nipples could be a symptom of early stage breast cancer. It is important to get regular mammograms and consult your physician with any medical concerns or changes in your breasts and nipples.

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