BASS Appoints Inez Wondeh As CEO

BASS appoints Inez Wondeh, Chief Operating Officer, as Chief Executive Officer.
BASS Appoints Inez Wondeh As CEO

WALNUT CREEK, CA — BASS Medical Group announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Inez Wondeh as Chief Executive Officer. Wondeh previously held the position of Chief Operating Officer at BASS. Wondeh, an experienced healthcare executive with more than 20 years in the industry, has previously held several key positions in various healthcare organizations, including the last four years as COO of BASS Medical Group where she helped execute many of the company’s growth strategy shifts.

“Inez has been a key architect of the company’s rapid growth strategy at BASS. Her vision, strategy, and execution track record are exactly what BASS needs,” said Dr. Gregory Rhodes, President of the BASS Board of Directors. “We could not have accomplished the formation of more than 300 multi-specialty physicians in our medical group without her vast industry experience, leadership, and expertise.”

Since joining the company in 2015 as COO, Wondeh has provided visionary leadership that has continued to inspire the highest levels of performance in the financial and operational administration of the company. She led BASS’ strategic vision in the development and expansion of one of the largest independent physician-led groups in the Bay Area, which currently includes more than 42 specialties and 200 locations.

“I am excited to work hand in hand with our amazing physicians in this rapidly transforming world of healthcare,” Wondeh said. “The opportunity that lies ahead of BASS is enormous, and the ability to lead this next chapter is deeply humbling and incredibly exhilarating! We will continue with our commitment to provide quality health care to the communities we serve and focus our energy on the continued expansion of services for our patients and members. Keeping our eyes on the future of healthcare and how we deliver affordable quality care is going to be key in driving our success.”

Wondeh’s leadership, integrity, and deep background in the healthcare space have been instrumental in the growth and transformation of BASS Medical Group. “Her bold vision and passion for healthcare are major driving forces behind the successful expansion of BASS,” said Dr. Max B. Merkow, BASS Neurosurgery Division “We physicians, many of whom she recruited, are excited for her leadership as CEO.”

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