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24 Hour Esophageal pH Monitoring


24 Hour Esophageal pH Monitoring is a study that measures and records the amount and severity of stomach contents backing up into the esophagus, and can detect if the content of the reflux is acidic or non- acidic. From this study, your physician will be able to evaluate the number of reflux events, the acid content of each event, as well as how long each event lasted. Your physician may ask that you discontinue your reflux medication 7 – 14 days for this test.

While the nasal catheter is in place:

You may resume your normal daily activities.

  1. A local anesthetic was administered to your nasal passage to decrease discomfort during catheter placement. Therefore, do not eat or drink for at least one hour after the procedure.
  2. It is normal to feel the probe in the back of your throat and this feeling should improve over a few hours.
  3. Do not shower, bathe or swim while the catheter is in place; the recorder must not get wet.
  4. Do not have any x-rays taken while the catheter is in place.
  5. Please complete the patient diary as concisely as possible; use the time displayed on the recorder to write down the time of events in the diary.
  6. For 24-hour Esophageal pH Monitoring: Please be sure to return your diary with your recorder at the end of the testing period (the following day) to: 2637 Shadelands Dr. Ste. C-Walnut Creek CA 94598

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call (925) 627-3492.