Going Back to Work after Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric Surgery
July 28, 2012
3 min read
Going Back to Work after Weight Loss Surgery

Most patients will be able to return to work two to four weeks after their weight loss surgery date. Returning to work can be the first sign of normalcy in what has certainly been a whirlwind of emotions and excitement. Going back to work is also a test of the patient’s post-bariatric surgery resolve.With the significant lifestyle changes that are required after bariatric surgery, many of the sugary break time snacks, large corporate lunches or after hours drinks may have to be curtailed or eliminated in order to lose weight safely and quickly. Those of you with a steely resolve may be able to attend these events, but substitute healthier choices for unhealthy temptations.

Returning to work, depending on the job, also poses a challenge of overworking or under working. Jobs that require strenuous activity such as lifting heavy items can cause complications in patients who are not yet fully recovered from their surgery. Patients should take it slow for at least 6 weeks after surgery and they should not engage in strenuous activity until their surgeon gives them the OK. Another similarly difficult problem is the fact that most of us have jobs where we sit, virtually motionless and in the same place, all day long. As a result, we have very little opportunity to exercise, which stymies our weight loss efforts. The solution is not easy, but speaking to your office manager or HR director to see how patients can incorporate exercise into their daily work routine can be helpful to their long-term weight loss.

Going back to work and be as fun as it is daunting. However with some creativity, patients should be able to create a work space whereby they can work efficiently, but also work toward their ultimate goal of weight loss and better health.