5 Asthma Remedies to Prevent It from Getting Worse in Winter

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April 12, 2022
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5 Asthma Remedies to Prevent It from Getting Worse in Winter

Asthma is a debilitating condition that affects the airways to your lungs. When suffering from asthma, your airways become swollen. This becomes dangerous because your airways are the tubes that carry oxygen in and out of your lungs. As your airways swell, it becomes harder to move air in and out of your lungs. However, finding the asthma remedy to fit your needs will help prevent these symptoms. Let’s learn more about asthmatic triggers.

Unfortunately, winter can increase the likelihood of an asthmatic episode. Here’s why:

  • Dry Air – Cold weather produces dry air. Our airways have a layer of fluid to protect our lungs. Breathing in cold air removes this layer, causing asthmatic-like symptoms. Your airways can become swollen and irritated.
  • Flu Season – The fluid in our lungs also contains mucus. This mucus thickens when it is cold outside, which results in a higher chance of catching respiratory infections. The flu or even the common cold can trigger asthma.
  • Staying active – It’s essential to keep active, even in the winter. However, cold air and exercise don’t always mix. The increased lung activity when you partake in winter outdoor activities can trigger coughing and restricted breathing.
  • Staying inside more often – The winter months move us indoors where more irritants hide. Dust, pet dander, or poor ventilation can make your asthma symptoms flare-up.

Unless you plan to move to Florida for the winter, it’s imperative to learn how to manage your asthma. Let’s dive into 5 asthma remedies that will help prevent your asthma from getting worse in the winter.

  1. Limit Outside Trips 

          This might sound hard if you love to play in the snow, but limiting your time out in the cold weather will help avoid the cold air. When you do go outside, breathe           through your nose.

  1. Add Moisture  

          Drinking fluids will increase the fluid available to your lungs and help prevent irritation. Make sure to drink hydrating fluids like water and brothy soups. Humidifiers           also aid in adding moisture to your lungs. A humidifier works by sending steam into the air. This will help keep your airways from swelling. 

  1. Get the Flu Shot

          Aside from the CDC recommendation, this preventative measure will reduce your chances of having asthmatic complications by protecting you from the virus.           Since the flu is more dangerous for people with asthma, it is essential that you get a shot every year. You may also benefit from getting a pneumonia shot. 

  1. Exercise Inside

          When the air is so cold that it stings your face, find ways to exercise inside. This is an excellent opportunity to try a workout plan online or invest in a treadmill. If           that isn’t an option, you could consider getting a gym membership or doing simple exercises in your home.

          If you must exercise outside, pick a time when the air isn’t so crisp. Also, studies prove that warming up inside will help prevent symptoms and improve lung           recovery.

  1. Check Your Ventilation

          Ensure that you are getting the best air quality within your home by replacing your filters regularly. Your furnace might blow irritants into the air when it’s fired up           this winter. A new filter will help ease these triggers. Carpets collect pet dander, so it’s beneficial to have them removed.  

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Here at Bass Medical Group, we want to help you enjoy this holiday season to the fullest. This means maintaining your asthma. That’s why we have created this list of remedies for asthma. However, if you are still suffering, it might be time to see a professional. Our expert physicians are ready to answer questions and start a treatment play today. For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit https://www.bassmedicalgroup.com/