6 Reasons Your Doctor Might Recommend Injections for Joint Pain Relief

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February 13, 2023
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6 Reasons Your Doctor Might Recommend Injections for Joint Pain Relief

If you’re struggling with joint pain, a doctor might recommend injections as a method of treatment. Joint pain relief might seem impossible, and there is no guaranteed way to remove that pain entirely. However, using non-invasive and non-surgical injections can provide months of invaluable relief to many problematic and painful joints.

6 Reasons Injections Could Provide Relief for Joint Pain

A doctor might recommend Injections as relief for joint pain for many reasons. Here are six to consider.

1. Joint Injections are Non-Surgical

Joint injections are a solution of anesthetic and cortisol directly to the damaged tissue. This is done non-surgically, so there are none of the risks inherent in a surgical procedure.

2. Joint Injections Can Improve Recovery

Your joint pain might be severe enough that it’s impeding your range of motion, preventing physical therapy from providing relief. The relief provided by joint injections can increase this range of motion. This will make exercises that were once too difficult to perform possible again.

3. Joint Relief for Any Joint 

Joint injections can be done to target any joint giving you trouble. These include the knees, hips, wrists, shoulders, and more. This can be done to target the exact areas giving you problems.

4. Joint Injections Can Treat Non-Curable Conditions Like Arthritis

Joint injections won’t cure arthritis, but they’ll provide much-needed relief from the ongoing pain the condition causes.

5. The Procedure is Quick

A joint injection procedure usually takes about twenty minutes, followed by a brief recovery period.

6. The Results are Even Quicker

The anesthetic should reduce pain in the affected joint almost immediately. Swelling and pain may return later that day, but should diminish as the inflammation goes down.

SI Joint Pain Relief

SI joint pain relief is possible through injections. The SI, or sacroiliac joints are located at the base of the spine connecting to the pelvis. SI joint inflammation frequently causes lower back pain, and can also cause pain in the buttocks, groin, and legs. Unfortunately, these symptoms are common, can be caused by other injuries, and don’t respond well to generalized pain treatments.

Using x-ray image guidance, the doctor will inject the SI joints with a combination and anesthetic and corticosteroid. This will reduce inflammation, provide relief for several months, and take only twenty to thirty minutes to perform. Many patients experience relief after only one or two injections. Patients shouldn’t receive more than three in a six-month time frame, however.

Knee Joint Pain Relief

The knees are a very common site for joint pain as people get older. The two conditions most commonly causing joint pain in the knees are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis is caused by wear and tear affecting the cartilage in the knee. This type of arthritis is more common among older people. 

Rheumatoid arthritis, on the other hand, is an autoimmune disease. In this case, the immune system attacks otherwise healthy tissue, damaging and straining the cartilage in the knees.

Prolotherapy is one option to consider for possible long-term knee joint pain relief. This therapy stimulates the body’s healing ability by injecting a steroid-free solution of dextrose and anesthetic into the joint. Prolotherapy encourages your body to heal the damage and provides relief from joint pain.

Get Joint Injections from a BASS Medical Professional

If you’re struggling with joint pain, injections can provide much-needed long-term relief. For any medical procedure, even a non-surgical one, you want to be in qualified, professional hands. 

If you’re looking for help with your primary care needs, consider a consultation with the experts at BASS Medical Group. Our board-certified specialists can help suggest treatment for any joint pain you might be experiencing.