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Do vein specialists still strip veins?

H. Ray Rassai
H. Ray Rassai

Commonly asked questions for a Vein Doctor, Dr. H. Ray Rassai.

Dr. Ray Rassai is a highly distinguished vein doctor and also a founding member of the BASS Vein Center located in Walnut Creek.

Dr. Rassai practices general surgery with a special interest in minimally-invasive hernia procedures, gallbladder issues, thyroid, and parathyroid disease, colon cancer, and varicose veins.

Read his full bio here.

Video Transcript

No, stripping is no longer necessary or performed. There's a variety of treatments that can be done in the office under local anesthetic. These include most commonly radiofrequency ablation of the superficial system which includes the greater saphenous or the lesser saphenous which is the small saphenous vein and potentially any refluxing perforator veins. This uses a type of catheter-based cautery, it's very well tolerated and again performed under local. Most recently veins can also be treated using a catheter-based sealant. This actually does not require much local injection at all typically just one site of local to gain access to the vein. All of these procedures were done in the office with minimal to no discomfort with ultrasound guidance. Hi, I'm Dr. Ray Rassai a surgeon and vein specialist here at the BASS Vein Center.

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Do vein specialists still strip veins?