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Get a faster diagnosis with on-site clinical lab services.

Conveniently located in Walnut Creek ShadelandS
no appointment necessary

Faster results 100% of the time.

The Laboratory Services Department at BASS Medical Group is committed to providing comprehensive services to patients.Whether an annual screening, diagnostic or emergency testing is needed, our staff will provide you excellent care.

Questions? Call (925) 329-3715
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Blood Draw

Whether drawing blood for an EKG Exam or from the direction of your Primary Care Physician, we have you covered for all your blood drawing needs.


At the BASS Lab, we are pediatric friendly. We have specialized pediatric tools just for your little one.

Flu, Strep, & Mono

We provide testing for the common flu, strep throat, and mononucleosis. It's important to be sure what you have, so you can treat it properly.


We have the ability to provide you a very accurate pregnancy test based on either blood or urine sampling.

No appointment necessary, walk-ins welcome.

Get a faster diagnosis with on-site state-of-the-art clinical lab services.

BASS Imaging Center of Walnut Creek
90% of lab results delivered within 4hrs or less.
BASS Imaging Center of Walnut Creek
Accurate results the first time, every time.
Bass Urgent Care Walnut Creek CA 94598

A few of our services:

  • On-site clinical and lab testing
  • Alcohol and drug screening
  • Strep Throat, Flu, Mononucleosis Testing
  • Hemoglobin and Hematocrit (anemia check)
  • Cholesterol Testing
  • Blood glucose testing (sugar levels)
  • Pregnancy testing (blood or urine)
  • 24hr urine analysis
  • Infectious Disease Testing
  • Complete blood count (CBC)
  • Comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP)
  • Basic coagulation testing
  • ...and much more

Imaging Services

State-of-the-art diagnostic imaging and radiology services are on-site for all Urgent Care & Lab patients. With our new immersive 3T wide-bore MRI interactive experience for all patients, no more fear of claustrophobia for children and patients of all ages.

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