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Tasneem Bader-Omarali


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Dr. Bader was raised in Kansas City, Missouri and attended Avila University in Kansas City for her undergraduate B.Sc degree majoring in Pre-Medicine and Chemistry, Magna Cum Laude.  She earned her medical degree at University of Missouri-Columbia, home of the Mizzou Tigers. She moved onto an Internship in Internal Medicine at University of Missouri-Columbia. She then went on for residency training in the field of Radiation Oncology at the prestigious Icahn School of Medicine at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. She followed this by completing additional two years of residency training in Internal Medicine at State University of New York at University of Buffalo and also served as Chief Resident in the same program while heading over 150 medical residents at this large University hospital in Western New York.  

Dr. Bader actively maintains her board certification in Internal Medicine and continues to attend annual Continuing Medical Education meetings to remain updated on latest guidelines for all major medical issues such as diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, menopause, arthritis, gynecologic cancer screening and heart disease. Due to her background in Radiation Oncology, she maintains special interest in breast cancer prevention and diagnosis. She has served and continues to serve as Active Physician Staff Member at Stanford Health Care Tri-Valley Hospital in Pleasanton since the year 2000.  

Dr. Bader practices Internal Medicine in the same practice as her Cardiologist husband, Dr. Omarali. They met each other through introduction by a mutual physician colleague, while she was a medical student and he was a Resident physician. Both have lived in beautiful Pleasanton since 1998 and have two lovely daughters.