Stephen Sims

Stephen Sims



Primary Care


Dr. Stephen Sims is an established board-certified family practice physician, with over 19 years of experience treating families. With a background in neuroscience research, he employs an analytical approach to patient care and has a special interest in restoring the forces within the body that influence health, and a sense of well-being. In line with this, he is passionate about understanding in depth the physiology of health and disease to better care for his patients, and partner with them to make lasting health improvements.

While adhering to conventional, established standards of medical care, Dr. Sims augments these standard approaches to disease to allow a broader and more accurate picture of the multiple factors underlying chronic disease and suboptimal health by incorporating an evidence based personalized health assessment as part of disease diagnosis and prevention. “I am committed to understanding on a deeper level the physiology of health and disease to better understand why some diagnostic tests and treatments are better than others”.

Dr. Sims attended college at Columbia University and graduated with a degree in Biology. Following graduation, Dr. Sims published basic neuroanatomy research and a human neurophysiology study abstract, attending medical school at Downstate University in Brooklyn in order to pursue a unique neuroscience research opportunity there. During this period, Dr. Sims realized that his passion was in the application of medical research in patient settings. He shifted focus and graduated from SUNY Downstate In 1989 with an M.D. degree. He completed residency in Family Medicine at University of Southern California.

Medical School: Downstate University in Brooklyn, NY
Residency: Family Medicine, University of Southern California in Los Angeles, CA