Why Staying on Track with Physical Therapy is Crucial

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November 28, 2022
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Why Staying on Track with Physical Therapy is Crucial

Do you currently have any injuries? Maybe you have continuous discomfort or limited movement. After an accident, physical therapy may be of great assistance. Your preferred professional sports team is a great place to start if you're unsure about the value of physical therapy. Physical therapy, sometimes known as PT, has long been an important component of treating sports injuries.

Five Reasons Why You Should Stick to Physical Therapy

Physical therapy may help you heal properly after an injury, whether it was sustained while participating in sports, in a vehicle accident, or for any other cause.

Here are five justifications for why physical therapy is crucial for injury recovery.

Alleviate Discomfort

Undoubtedly, the worst aspect of an accident is the agony that it causes. Days, weeks, or even months may pass as you continue to feel pain after your accident or a recent operation.

When it comes to lessening or even eliminating pain following an injury, physical therapy may be a huge benefit. A physical therapist may work with you to minimize discomfort while enhancing your body's strength whether you have a fracture, whiplash, disc herniation, or another ailment.

In addition to a personalized physical therapy program, treatments including total motion therapy, manual therapy, cupping, and others can ease joint and soft tissue discomfort. You may also work on various stretches and exercises with the help of a physical therapist to loosen up.

Boost Healing Time

It's one thing to manage an injury's discomfort. Dealing with how long it takes to heal is another.

For the ordinary individual, recovering from shoulder surgery and recovering entirely from back injuries after lower back therapy may take many months.

With your injuries in mind, physical therapists may frequently cut this time in half. A physical therapist can assist in quickly getting an athlete back on the court or field since they are knowledgeable on how to rebuild muscle and restore mobility to their patient. Physical therapy has more than simply a recovery-oriented focus. Additionally, it will help you recover more quickly and easily.

Regain Movement

Athletes typically have a restricted range of motion in the vicinity of any injury. For patients with shoulder injuries, it can even take a few weeks before they can rotate or elevate their arms. Physical therapists utilize their understanding of the human body to pinpoint the activities that will improve mobility following an accident.

To enhance an athlete's condition, mobility restoration frequently includes a specialized, extensive range of motions. To regain mobility after knee, shoulder, or lower back surgery, a patient might need to lift weights, stretch, or walk for extended periods.

Physical therapy can help you regain complete mobility by teaching you the right mobility motions, even if you have problems standing or walking.

Avoid Further Injury

One study found that there is a higher chance of re-injury in the same place for athletes who sustain injuries to certain body parts. However, these dangers are significantly diminished with the aid of a physical therapist.

A physical therapist's job description extends beyond only aiding in your injury recovery. Additionally, it serves to shield you from further harm.

The majority of sports injuries are brought either by abrupt, demanding actions or repetitive motions. To prevent re-injury, physical therapists are trained to assist you in strengthening the injured bone or muscles. A physical therapist may assist in training your body to become less prone to accidents by helping you improve your strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Refrain from Surgery

Physical treatment following an accident has several advantages, one of which is the potential to prevent invasive surgery. While surgery may be required in some circumstances, physical treatment may frequently assist avoid the need for surgery.

Numerous health hazards are associated with surgery. It's best to avoid invasive surgery wherever feasible, especially because it frequently requires a considerable period of rehabilitation. Additionally, since physical therapy is significantly less expensive than unneeded surgery, choosing it might lessen the financial load.

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The development of advanced physical therapy and sports medicine has made the rehabilitation process simpler for people who have sustained injuries. Physical therapy can help you avoid invasive surgery and help you prevent further injuries in addition to relieving your pain, hastening your recovery, and regaining mobility.

Our goal at BASS Medical is to motivate and inspire everyone we interact with to reach their full potential. We treat your injuries with the most up-to-date physical therapy methods and tools to restore your health. Our staff is here to help you every step of the journey since we know how painful and frustrating an injury can be.

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Call the Bass Medical Group staff if you suspect you may have symptoms of an injury or if you have any other health concerns. Our experts can advise you on the most effective course of physical therapy because they have expertise in treating various varieties of injuries, sports or otherwise. To make an appointment with one of our doctors today.