5 Ways to Cope with Chronic Sinusitis Symptoms

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March 15, 2022
2 min read
5 Ways to Cope with Chronic Sinusitis Symptoms

Chronic sinusitis is more than a headache. The spaces inside your nose and head, your sinuses, are swollen and inflamed. It can feel like relief is a thing of fairy tales. However, we have five ways to help you cope with your chronic sinusitis symptoms that will leave everyone living happily ever after. 

  1. Dear Diary
    You may be prone to journaling or structuring a solid to-do list, so write it down! Catalog your symptoms: everything from nasal inflammation, discharge and drainage, congestion, to the heavier hitters like jaw and toothache, ear pain, fatigue, and sore throat. Keeping a log of your symptoms can help you identify your pains and discomforts to your doctor. Which brings us to… 
  1. What’s Up, Doc? 
    Talk to your doctor. Not only do they already have access to your personal medical history and records, they also know exactly what to look for when a patient comes through their door. Whether you have been cataloging your symptoms or just have a sneaking suspicion something is wrong, the doctor wants to hear about it and help you down the path to wellness. You should also be ready to answer some of the following questions: 
  • When did your symptoms begin? 
  • Have they been continuous or only occasional? 
  • How severe are your symptoms? 
  • What alleviates your symptoms? What worsens them?
  1. It’s a Lifestyle
    Part of coping with chronic sinusitis also may involve changing some of your lifestyle choices. There are plenty of home remedies and self-care steps that can alleviate symptoms. Warm compresses and rest can relieve pressure and inflammations, but we also recommend a sinus spa. Try draping a towel over your head while you breathe in medium-to-hot water from a bowl or running sink. You can also take a hot shower; the warm, hydrated air not only cuts down on the pain but can also encourage your mucus to drain. A Neti pot is another excellent secret weapon. It rinses out your nasal passages, relieving discomfort and clearing sinuses. 
  1. Doctor’s Note
    Chronic sinusitis can be caused by many contributing factors, so sometimes a doctor will prescribe treatment. This can be antibiotics in case you are suffering from a bacterial infection; oral, nasal, or injected corticosteroid for severe symptom relief; an antifungal for fungal infections; or immunotherapy if your chronic sinusitis is the result of specific allergens. If these methods do not work, the next option may follow… 
  1. Under the Knife
    Surgery may be required for chronic sinusitis treatment. This involves cases where the patient is resistant to previous treatments or prescriptions. An endoscopic sinus surgery could be the next step. The doctor uses an endoscope to explore your sinus passages and depending on the blockage they discover; the doctor would then remove tissue or shave away any polyps causing the sinusitis. Enlarging narrow sinus openings not only promotes relief, but appropriate drainage to alleviate pressure.

    Believe it or not, you are more in touch with your body than you know. You have had it your whole life, after all! Pay attention if something hurts and feels off or if that splitting headache will not split. You and your doctor can be a powerhouse team when it comes to finally socking it to chronic sinusitis.

If you have chronic sinusitis or think you are exhibiting any symptoms, call the team at the BASS Medical Group. Our doctors have experience treating all types of chronic sinusitis symptoms and can recommend the best treatment for you. Call (925) 350-4044 or visit bassmedicalgroup.com to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors today.