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Recovery time for replacements?

Dr. Benjamin Busfield
Dr. Benjamin Busfield

Commonly asked questions for an Orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Busfield.

Dr. Busfield has researched, written and published numerous papers in the peer-reviewed literature regarding sports medicine and joint replacement. Recently, his research interests were focused on rotator cuff arthroscopic repair, pain pumps, and shoulder surgery. His research has focused on ACL injuries in the National Basketball Association and the use of pain pumps after shoulder surgery. In 2012, Dr. Busfield gave a presentation on his pain pump research at the annual Western Orthopedic Association meeting.

Dr. Busfield is board certified as a diplomate of the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery (ABOS) and is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery (AAOS). Furthermore, Dr. Busfield has been awarded the Certificate of Additional Qualification (CAQ) for Orthopedic Sports Medicine.

Throughout his training, Dr. Busfield has had a special interest in caring for the injured athlete. During his fellowship, Dr. Busfield assisted in the orthopedic care of Los Angeles professional sports teams including the Dodgers, Lakers, Ducks, Sparks, and Kings.

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Video Transcript

I perform replacement for the shoulder, the hip, and the knee and I commonly get asked questions about the three of them. The knee replacement is much more painful than a hip or shoulder. It's got a lot of rehabilitation, and in general, I would tell a patient you're back to normal function at about the three-month mark, but you are walking the day of surgery. For a total hip replacement, there's less stress on the range of motion for rehabilitation. That makes it much easier, rehabilitation. More of the two months mark I would estimate for the average person. For a shoulder replacement, that's usually done as an outpatient surgery, but based on the type of surgery, you could move the shoulder within one week to four weeks, and hopefully recovering in a much shorter time frame than a hip or knee. Probably the two-month mark. Thank you for watching and to learn more please visit our website or our YouTube channel at bassmedicalgroup.com.

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Recovery time for replacements?