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A Holistic Approach to Sticking to a Post-Op Bariatric Diet Plan

Dr. Jason F. Moy
Dr. Brian T. Chin
Daniel Roman
July 11, 2022
A Holistic Approach to Sticking to a Post-Op Bariatric Diet Plan

Those days, weeks, and months following gastric bypass surgery are some of the most crucial. If you’re looking to establish long-term results after your weight-loss surgery, it’s essential that you follow a specific dietary protocol. Gastric bypass poses dramatic changes to your digestive tract, physiology, and overall fat composition. Not only this, weight-loss surgery calls for major shifts in lifestyle, mindset, and habit. With the support of doctors, bariatric specialists, psychologists, and nutritionists alike, you can achieve sustainable results. Work in collaboration to create a bariatric diet plan that works best for you. Through a holistic approach, you can cover all necessary bases post-op.

Post-Bariatric Surgery Diet: What Does This Actually Entail?

First things first–the purpose of creating a post-op diet plan is to ensure maximum healing for your body. A post-bariatric surgery diet means:

  • Adjusting to eating smaller, more digestible portions of food
  • Avoiding stretching the stomach and accelerating the healing process
  • Losing weight and avoiding potential weight-gain
  • Avoiding unnecessary complications after surgery
  • Discovering foods that don’t irritate your stomach post-op
  • Building a sturdy foundation that helps you in the long-run
  • Boost your healing process for mind, body, and emotional wellbeing

We understand that this is a process that takes time, dedication, and patience. It may be hard to transition to a new lifestyle, but it’s all for the sake of delivering optimal results post-op. 

Diet After Bariatric Surgery & How to Eat for Your Healing

Many people are under the misconception that weight-loss surgery means you’ll never gain weight again. This is simply not the case. Not only should you monitor what types of foods you’re eating, but you can also change the way you go about eating. Some foods that will be easy to digest, healthy, and simple post-op are:

  • Lean, ground-up protein like chicken or turkey
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Well-cooked vegetables without skin
  • Cooked cereal
  • Broth
  • Soft fruits
  • Lots of liquids, especially water
  • Cottage cheese
  • Yogurt without added sugar

Meals can be eaten in small portions 3-6 times a day. Each meal can include approximately a half cup or cup of food. It’s also important that you drink plenty of liquids between meals. Water is always best and will aid in the digestion process. Be careful not to drink too much, however, as you may feel too full, and avoid eating other nutrient-rich foods.

You can also implement the practice of mindful eating as you transition post-op. This means you can chew your food slowly and with intention, eat without distraction, and take breaths between bites. This will help your body adjust to this new way of living, and also avoid intestinal disruption. The opening that leads from your stomach into your small intestine will be very narrow after surgery. Eating slowly will not only benefit you psychologically but physically as well.

As time progresses and your body begins to heal, you can even incorporate some movement in your day-to-day life. Walking and gentle stretching are great places to start. Maintaining weight loss after your surgery will take both eating well and exercising consistently. Movement is beneficial to your digestion, as well. 

Support your mental and physical health by getting plenty of sunlight, and opting to eat outside on nice days. You’ve gone through the hard part, now you get to enjoy your progress! Dieting after bariatric surgery doesn’t have to be strenuous. Read more about bariatric surgery support on our website. 

BASS Bariatric is Here For You

For the best bariatric care in Northern California, look no further than BASS Medical. Our team of dedicated surgeons is here to help you make the next big leap in your weight-loss journey. If you’re ready to take that next step, feel free to contact our experts today. We’ll help you find out if bariatric surgery is right for you.  

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