Usha Vallamdas, MD

Dr. Usha Vallamdas is a trained pediatrician. She received her medical degree in India and finished her residency in the United States. She practiced general pediatrics both in Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) and also in private practices before she decided to start her own practice in Brentwood, CA.

Dr. Vallamdas was born and raised in India until she was 25 years of age. She then finished medical college in India and moved to the United States to be with her husband. Dr. Vallamdas interest in kids dated back to her childhood days. While studying in medical college, she was totally inspired by a Pediatric Doctor who cared for children with the utmost love and responsibility and brought a blissful smile on children and their parent’s faces. That’s when she decided to be a pediatrician!

“Being a pediatrician never lets you forget your childhood days and early motherhood days. I can connect to my patients, so well, at all levels; a child’s level, a parent of a newborn , a parent of a naughty toddler and also a parent of an adolescent. Since I personally have gone through all these stages with my own children; I can understand the concerns of most of the parents and also the behavior of their children.”

“Being a Community General Pediatrician, I get to see babies 1-2 days after their discharge from the hospital. Just like any of their family member bonds with the child, I get to bond as a pediatrician. The beautiful part of it is, the child grows right in front of my eyes, just like my own kids. It makes me feel I have more than 2 kids.”

Medical School: Siddhartha Medical College in India
Residency: Lincoln Medical Center in New York and Texas Tech University Health Science Center in Texas
Fellowship: Stanford University in California

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