Success Stories

Join us in celebrating the progress of our bariatric surgery patients by visiting some of our many success stories below.

Patricia Jo Fail

I was morbidly obese for most of my adult life. I tried various diets, all of which worked… until I went OFF the diet. I always regained the weight. Keeping the weight OFF was almost as hard as losing it in the first place.

What finally motivated me to research WLS? A late night ambulance ride to the ER for an excruciatingly painful gallbladder attack paired with acute pancreatitis. I wasn’t as concerned about the gallbladder removal, but I was petrified by the fact that my pancreas was tired of my abuse and was fighting back. I know enough to know I cannot live without my pancreas. I lost a little weight while recovering from the gallbladder surgery but I knew I had to do more.

I mentioned to a friend that I was considering Lap Band surgery. She told me to research Vertical Gastric Sleeve Surgery. My first reaction was a negative one. Having 80% (+/-) of my stomach removed was disconcerting. However, After reviewing the fact that I had 100% of my gallbladder removed only a few months prior to my renewed research, I had to admit to myself that, unless I chose to have WLS, I was probably going to damage other internal organs that were vital to my continued existence, not to mention the damage I was doing to my hip, knee and ankle joints as well as my spinal column. I wanted to live to see my four Grandchildren graduate from high school and college. I wanted to dance at their wedding and I wanted to be able to spend many more years with my husband.

I found Dr. Brian Chin. I was fearful that he would tell me I was too old. Instead, he told me I was an “ideal” candidate: pre-diabetic, high blood pressure, gallbladder removal, pancreatitis and, as discovered by Dr. Chin, Venous Reflux and edema in my right leg, and a hernia. There are many hidden health issues with morbid obesity as well as the obvious ones.

I knew for the tool to be successful, I needed to be willing to make permanent lifestyle changes. I began changing my eating habits to prepare for the permanent changes I would have to adhere to after the surgery.

As I began to pay better attention to the message my body was sending me, I find I no longer miss certain foods. I actually prefer the more nutritious foods over the empty calories I used to consume in mass quantities. I might steal a French fry off my Grandson’s place now and then, but one or two fries is about all I can stand. They are just not as satisfying as they used to be.

As the weight came off, I was able to become more active. I started exercising in a swimming pool. More weight came off. My husband and I started square dancing. More weight came off. I started buying smaller clothes. I increased the amount of time I exercised and increased the intensity of my exercise routine. I started out at 10 minutes on the water treadmill and worked up to 40 minutes, then added water calisthenics five pounds on each ankle to make my routine more productive.

The weight is coming off slower now, but my clothes keep getting looser. I am more fit that I was when I was 30. I am more active than I was when I was 40. I have more energy than I have had in decades. I am burning fat and building muscle. I can keep up with my youngest Grandsons who are 5 and 7 and I can do more activates with the teenagers. I have been able to reduce my blood pressure med by half. I am no longer morbidly obese.

I am blessed in that I have not had one complication from my surgery. I have followed my doctor’s orders/suggestions to the letter. I wish I had done this years ago. My obesity kept me from living.

I’m glad I chose weight loss surgery. My only regret is that I waited so long to make the decision. I thought I would be taking the easy way out until I researched WLS online and talked to several people who had WLS. I was also concerned that I would be judged by others who would think I took the easy way out. I finally accepted that anyone who would make a judgement about how I chose to get healthy was dealing with their own issues and that I needed to focus on what would work for me. Would I recommend WLS? It worked for me so YES I would. Would I recommend Dr. Brian Chin as your surgeon? Without hesitation. He has been supportive from the first day I met him. His staff has always been friendly and encouraging as well as professional.

Denise Brown

My name is Denise. I started my weight-loss journey in December of 2014 by visiting Dr. Chin. It was ten months of doctors’ appointments, weigh-ins, and medical tests. But I was focused and determined. Finally, my surgery date came.

I was sleeved in October 2015, and it was the best decision I have ever made for myself. I was 57 years old at the time. I asked my surgeon, Dr. Chin, if I was too old for the surgery, and he said, “No one is too old to get healthy.” He was so very right. I was 310 pounds at my heaviest, pre-surgery. I was pre-diabetic, and had high blood pressure. My back, knees, and ankles hurt most of the time, and I was always short of breath. Those were just the medical conditions I had because of my weight. I was self-conscious and depressed. I was very unhappy.

Surgery was a piece of cake (no pun intended). I was walking on the treadmill within two days. Soon, I was amazed at the transformation I was having, both in my weight loss and with my attitude towards food. As the weight loss kept happening, I was gaining my health back. I am no longer on blood pressure medicine, and I am no longer pre-diabetic. My knees, back, and ankles don’t hurt anymore because I am not carrying so much weight. I can walk and move around without being short of breath. My confidence has returned, and I am so much happier now that I am one hundred pounds lighter. I swim a mile five days a week, and walk three to four miles every day, and I enjoy it.

There are so many accomplishments that have come from losing weight like shopping in the regular size section, fitting in any chair, crossing my legs, not having to ask for an extension on the airplane, and the list goes on. The only regret I have is not having this surgery sooner. I would like to thank Dr. Chin and all of the staff involved in my life saving/changing surgery.

Darla Verduzco McCoy

Darla-Before-AfterHello my name is Darla Verduzco McCoy. I had weight loss surgery July 22nd 4’10 194 lbs. I must say being in my early twenties and only weighing 120 lbs and always being small, I never thought in a million years I would be overweight, much less obese. But lo and behold it happened.


Paul Draghi

I had struggled for over 20 years to try to lose weight and had never been successful for very long. It was beginning to impact my health and well-being long term. Dr. Messian recommended that I consider bariatric surgery as an option to help me get my weight under control specifically, but more importantly to address many other health issues that I was beginning to encounter and that were adversely affecting quality of life. After spending a lot of time researching the options and talking to my primary care physician, Dr. Cahill, I decided to proceed with the bariatric surgery.

While surgery is never something to take lightly, I was very pleased with how the surgery you performed went and how quickly I recovered and was back to my normal activities. I was beginning to exercise the day after the surgery and began to immediately start my commitment to a healthier lifestyle in terms of eating habits and exercise.

Since the surgery, I have lost 25% of my total body weight in about nine months and I have been able to discontinue all the medications that I was taking that were related to my weight. I am now walking about five miles per day and am in better shape aerobically than I have been for many years. My joint pain in my knees and ankles due to the excess weight has been significantly reduced to the point that it is no longer a barrier that keeps me from exercising and doing the physical things that I enjoy like hiking and skiing.

The bottom line is that I feel that the bariatric surgical procedure has really been life-changing for me. I feel better about myself and healthier than I have in at least twenty years and I look forward to an active lifestyle for many years to come and spending the time enjoying doing active things with my family rather than worrying about my health.

Testimony of a New Life

I did not sign my name to this testimony because the self-satisfaction is enough for me. Question – you know how you weigh yourself in the morning and weigh, oh, let’s say, 158 pounds and that same day you go to the doctor and get weighed and now the scale says 168 pounds? Well, this is no joke. It really happens. Moreover, there is no miracle way to get the scale to change its’ mind. What do you do then?