Preparing for Bariatric Surgery

Undergoing bariatric surgery is a big life decision. Once you’ve decided bariatric surgery is your best option, you’ll want to be prepared. Meeting with one of BASS Medical Group’s top bariatric surgeons is your first step. Your bariatric surgeon will be able to consult you on what type of bariatric weight loss surgery is right for you, but will also provide you with instructions on preparing for surgery. Below is timeline of recommendations to prepare for bariatric surgery.

Bariatric Surgery Education

With any healthcare decision understanding your condition and treatment options is important. Educating yourself about bariatric surgery is the first step. The bariatric surgeons at BASS Medical Group have compiled a list of educational resources about weight loss surgery. Select the topic below to learn more.

In addition, to the education resources above, BASS Medical Group offers weight loss surgery information seminars. The seminar is lead by our top bariatric surgeons and provides patients the opportunity to ask question and interact with our weight loss team.

Bariatric Surgery Consultations & Medical Testing

The educational resources and bariatric seminars are phenomenal resources of information. However, there’s no substitute for a one-on-one consultation with one of our bariatric surgeons.

  1. Schedule a consultation with one of BASS Medical Group’s bariatric surgeons. During the consultation get as much information as you can to decide which type of bariatric surgery is right for your goals.
  2. After your initial consultation your bariatric surgeon will schedule you for a regular physical exam and blood testing. These tests can help reduce any risks of surgery and ensure that you’re a good candidate for bariatric surgery.
  3. After evaluating all tests and completing all paperwork and requirements, the surgeon’s office will confirm that you are clear to proceed with surgery.
  4. Coordinate with your insurance provider so you can anticipate the costs of surgery and post-operative care. Understanding the financial aspects of bariatric surgery will help reduce stress and prepare you for the operation. If your insurance does not cover the entire costs or you don’t have insurance at all, BASS Medical Group can work with you to arrange financing options.

Did you know?

Patients who improve their diet and exercise before bariatric surgery lose more weight after surgery and are less likely to experience complications from surgery. Learn more about preparing for bariatric surgery during a consultation with one of BASS Medical Groups leading physicians.