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Life After Gastric Sleeve Surgery: 3 Trendy Unhealthy Diets to Avoid

Dr. Jason F. Moy
Dr. Brian T. Chin
Daniel Roman
October 19, 2023
Life After Gastric Sleeve Surgery: 3 Trendy Unhealthy Diets to Avoid

After undergoing gastric sleeve surgery, your life will change in many ways. The most significant change will be your eating habits. Developing good eating habits will help you maintain weight loss, improve health conditions, and help you feel better both mentally and physically. Most likely, you will go through a lot of trial and error while figuring out how to diet vs. how not to diet. When determining how and what to eat after surgery, you may be tempted to try different diets that have worked for other people. Although these diets may work, the long-term effects may not be as successful. With so many trendy diets floating around, here are three that you should avoid after gastric sleeve surgery. 

  1. Diets that eliminate carbs

          Some popular diets that eliminate the consumption of carbohydrates are not the best for you to rely on. Low-carb diets often focus heavily on high fat consumption           or high protein consumption. Many people have found success with low carbohydrate diets like keto in the beginning. However, because these diets are highly           restrictive, it is sometimes difficult for people to maintain the diet for long periods. In addition, gastric sleeve surgeons advise patients that they should limit and/or           avoid high-fat foods such as whole-fat milk products and high-fat meats like bacon and sausage. 

  1. Extremely restrictive diets

          Extremely restrictive diets are ones that you should avoid after gastric sleeve surgery. Since the size of your stomach is reduced to about 20% of its original size, it           is important to be intentional when consuming foods. Your body still needs basic nutrition to function such as protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Restrictive diets can           limit the number of macronutrients that your body needs. Be aware of diets such as long-term liquid diets that eliminate food that provides nutrition. Participating           in a restrictive diet also puts you at risk of gaining back the weight once you resume a normal diet with regular food.

  1. Diets with prepackaged meals

         Diets with prepackaged meals are very tempting to try and are highly convenient. Prepackaged meals provide the benefit of not having to cook while also          predetermining the caloric intake of your meals. The downside of trying diets that come with pre-made meals is that the food contains chemicals and preservatives          that will affect your body. Also, while the meals are advertised as balanced, they do not always contain the best nutrition. 

How to eat after surgery?

While some people have found success in dieting fads, practitioners advise staying away from trendy diets because many people end up regaining the weight lost once they return to normal eating habits. After undergoing gastric sleeve surgery, you should focus on the amount of food that you consume and certain foods that you should avoid.

What to avoid?

After surgery, doctors provide each patient with a list of foods to avoid. Follow this list when learning how to diet and change your eating patterns. Some things to avoid are listed below:

  • Sugary pastries and desserts
  • Fried food
  • High-fat foods
  • Sugar
  • Salty snacks such as potato chips
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Fast food
  • Whole-fat milk products
  • Alcohol

What to include?

Here are some foods that can be included in your diet:

  • Eggs
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Lean meat
  • Low-fat dairy products
  • Protein shakes

For more information on life after gastric sleeve surgery, contact the Bass Bariatric Surgery Center today at 923-281-3711 for a consultation. If you are struggling with your weight, we are here to help provide a weight-loss solution that can work for you.

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