Bariatric Weight-Loss Surgery

Affording Weight Loss Surgery

Dr. Jason F. Moy
Dr. Brian T. Chin
Daniel Roman
October 19, 2023
Affording Weight Loss Surgery

Most health insurance companies cover weight-loss surgeries. Even so, you may find that your health insurance still does not cover surgery costs. For many of us, the cost can seem too high to afford. However, luckily, there are a number of options to consider that could potentially help you pay for your weight loss surgery.  

Hospital Payment Plan

Depending on which hospital you choose for your weight loss surgery, you may have various options for weight loss surgery payment. Some hospitals will allow you to pay for the surgery over a span of months or years, usually with a lowered interest rate. You might find that the hospital you chose provides payment plans for those who are qualified. Questions about payment plans and an extended pay time should be directed to the billing department of the hospital you are considering for bariatric surgery.  

Secured Medical Loan

A secured medical loan is one of the most common ways of financing a weight loss surgery. A secured medical loan is a type of loan that you go into with collateral. This method could allow you to borrow the full cost of your surgery. The amount of money you borrow depends on the value of your collateral.

With a secured medical loan, you may have as many as ten years to repay the loan. You will find that most banks and credit unions will offer secured medical loans. Before considering this option, make sure you can afford to repay a loan.

Personal Loan

If your credit is good, you might consider taking out a personal loan with low interest. While a secured medical loan requires collateral, a personal loan typically does not require any sort of collateral. The amount you can borrow depends on your credit history and current income. You may have up to seven years to repay this loan.

401(k) Loan

For most situations, going into your retirement fund for money isn’t the typical choice. There are, however, the times that you might consider taking out a 401(k) loan. When you take out this loan, you are taking out a loan that requires monthly payments with interest. You can borrow up to $50,000 with a 401(k) loan.

There are, however, drawbacks to a 401(k) loan. This loan will cause you to lose account growth, which can end up costing thousands overtime. If you lose or leave your job, you will have until your federal taxes are due to repay the loan, which is very little time to pay back a large amount. If you cannot repay the loan, you will have to pay penalties.

The Best Bariatric Care in California

BASS Medical Group and Dr. Brian T. Chin offers some of the best bariatric care in northern California. Our team is ready to make you as comfortable as possible during your recovery from your surgery. If you are interested in gastric bypass surgery and want to know more, contact our expert bariatric surgeons to find out if this surgery is right for you.

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